1922 Norwegian Krag-Jørgensen in 6.5×55 Swiss 24” Barrel Bolt Action, C&R

SOLD FOR: $1,135

WOA# WY240321DK009

Make: Krag-Jørgensen

Model: M1894

Serial Number: 22171

Year of Manufacture: 1922

Caliber: 6.5×55 Swiss

Action Type: Bolt Action Rifle with Internal magazine.

Markings: This rifle is marked, “22171 / 1922” On the receiver with proofs, The bolt is marked, “S / AA / 171” The buttplate is marked, “22171”

Barrel Length: 21.5”.

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a pinned chevron post. The rear sight is a U-notch tangent sight.

Stock Configuration & Condition: This rifle has a two piece smooth Mannlicher semi-pistol grip stock with a straight comb and steel buttplate. There are heavy pressure dents across the entire stock set, there is some gouging on the forend. There are several chips and cracks. The LOP from the front of the trigger to the back of the stock is 13.5” The stock rates in about Fair overall condition for a C&R.

Magazine Quantity & Condition: None

Type of Finish: Blued

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition:  The bore is black and the rifling is worn. There is moderate erosion in the bore. In this writer’s opinion the bore rates 4/10.

Overall Condition:  This rifle retains about 5% of its metal finish. Most all of the finish has worn off to silver, there are small scratches. There is moderate action wear. The markings are clear. The screwheads are lightly used.  Overall, this rifle rates in about Good condition as a C&R.

Mechanics:  The action functions correctly. We did not fire this rifle. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: None.

Our Assessment: The Norwegian Krag-Jørgensen rifle, often referred to simply as the Krag, is a bolt-action rifle that was adopted by Norway in the late 19th century. While it’s commonly chambered in 6.5x55mm Norwegian, it’s unlikely to be found in 6.5×55 Swiss as the Swiss cartridge is not interchangeable with the Norwegian version.

The Krag-Jørgensen was designed by Norwegian inventors Ole Herman Johannes Krag and Erik Jørgensen and was first adopted by the Norwegian Army in 1894. It was later adopted by Denmark, the United States, and a few other countries. The rifle gained notoriety for its unique bolt-action mechanism, which featured a side-mounted magazine that allowed for faster reloading compared to other rifles of the era.

Chambered in the 6.5x55mm cartridge, the Krag-Jørgensen offered good ballistic performance and accuracy, making it suitable for military use and hunting. It featured a five-round internal magazine, loaded with stripper clips, and had a distinctive magazine cut-off feature that allowed the rifle to be used as a single-loader.

The Norwegian Krag-Jørgensen saw service during the early 20th century, including in conflicts like the Second Boer War and World War I. While it was eventually replaced by more modern rifles like the Mauser, the Krag-Jørgensen remains a significant piece of Norwegian military history and a popular collector’s item among firearm enthusiasts. Its unique design and historical significance continue to make it an intriguing rifle for collectors and shooters alike. -R.E.

1922 Norwegian Krag-Jørgensen in 6.5x55 Swiss 24” Barrel Bolt Action, C&R
1922 Norwegian Krag-Jørgensen in 6.5×55 Swiss 24” Barrel Bolt Action, C&R