COP Compact Off-duty Police 357 Magnum/38 Spl Four Shot Backup Derringer

SOLD FOR: $1,100

WOA#: WY240219RM041

Make: Cop Inc.

Model: COP SS-1 (Compact Off-duty Police)

Serial#: 010197

Year of Manufacture: Circa 1983-1989, Modern

Caliber: .357 magnum/ .38 Special

Action Type: Double-Action Only Four-Shot Tip-Up Derringer style Pistol with Extractor.

Markings: The left side of the barrels is marked “CAL. 38SP/.357 MAG”. The bottom is hand etched “456”. The lower right side of the barrel set in front of the hinge is marked “B”.The left side of the frame is marked “Cop” and “COP INC, TORRANCE, CA. U.S.A.” The right side of the frame is marked with the serial number “010197”.

Barrel Length: Approximately 3.25”

Sights/ Optics: The front sight is a blade fixed to the rib by the muzzles. The rear sight is a square-notch integral to the barrel release latch.

Stock Configuration & Condition/ Grip: The grip panels are two-piece checkered wood. The grips panels have some light handling marks but lack any notable defects. There are no chips or cracks. Overall, the grip panels are in Excellent condition.

Type of Finish: Stainless Steel

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition: The bores are bright with sharp rifling. There is no erosion in the bores.  In this writer’s opinion the bores all rates 10/10

Overall Condition: The pistol retains about 99% of its metal finish. There are a few light handling marks which include some stubborn fouling on the trigger, but otherwise the pistol lacks any notable defects. The markings remain clear. The screwheads have some light tool-marks but they remain serviceable. Overall, the pistol is in Fine-Excellent condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The double-action is smooth. The barrel locks with no play on the frame. We have not fired this derringer. As with all used firearms, it may need a thorough cleaning to meet your maintenance standards.

Box Paperwork and Accessories: This derringer comes in a blue COP jewelry case.

Our Assessment: This Cop Inc. manufactured Compact Off-duty Police (COP) Derringer is a double-action only four shot tip-up pistol chambered for both .357 Magnum and .38 Special cartridges.

Robert Hillberg was a prolific firearms designer who made a number of ingenuitive designs. Born in 1917, Hillberg developed an early interest in firearms. While drilling with his US Naval Reserve unit in 1937, Hillberg designed a prototype submachine gun chambered for .357 Magnum cartridges. The following year he submitted his design to Colt, and while Colt did not adopt his submachine gun, they were impressed enough to hire Hillberg. He left Colt in 1940 to work at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft where Hillberg served as part of the engineering department. He eventually transferred to Bell Aircraft and designed several weapons systems. Hillberg remained in the aerospace industry after WWII and helped design weapons systems for the F-84. In 1951 Hillberg finally returned to the firearms industry, joining High Standard as the company’s head of research and development. During his tenure with High Standard, Hillberg worked to manufacture commercial firearms using aluminum (his efforts were inspired by his experience in the aerospace industry), and also designed a number of weapon systems for the military. In 1954 Hillberg left High Standard and joined Whitney Firearms, Inc. where he designed his now famous Wolverine .22 caliber pistol. Whitney went under in 1957 and Hillberg moved on to serve as Chief Engineer for Bellmore Johnson Tool Company until 1980. Afterwards, Hillberg would spend the rest of his life serving as an independent expert witness in court cases pertaining to firearms. He eventually passed away in 2012 at the age of 94.

The COP is based on Hillberg’s designs and remains a unique firearm. It was intended to be used as a back-up weapon for police when their primary armament failed them. This specimen remains mechanically sound and aesthetically pleasing with a slick stainless steel finish. For fans of unorthodox firearms and derringer collectors this is a must have item. Good luck on your bid! – L.S.

COP Compact Off-duty Police 357 Magnum/38 Spl Four Shot Backup Derringer
COP Compact Off-duty Police 357 Magnum/38 Spl Four Shot Backup Derringer