Excellent Condition Bore, Egyptian M42 Hakim in 8mm Mauser C&R

SOLD FOR: $905

WOA#: WY240215KN013

Make: State Factory 54, Egypt

Model: Hakim M42

Serial Number: 500693

Year of Manufacture: 1950’s to the early 1960’s

Caliber: 8mm Mauser (7.92x57mm)

Action Type: Semi Automatic, Detachable Magazine

Markings: The import mark on the barrel reads “CAI ST ALB VT”. The import mark on the right side of the receiver reads “HAKIM 7.9mm MADE IN EGYPT”. The left side of the receiver is marked with Egyptian “first born” symbol (the Hakim was their first domestically produced semi automatic rifle), with 2 lines of Arabic “numbers”, with the serial number (added by the importer) and with a line of Arabic “script”. The sides of the safety lever, at the rear of the receiver, are marked with Arabic characters. The area at the rear of the receiver, below the safety, is marked with a small “crescent moon and 3 stars”. The bottom metal and top cover are each marked with a small   “crescent moon and 3 stars” stamping. The buttplate is marked with Arabic “numbers”. The front of the magazine is marked with the Egyptian “first born” symbol. There are a few other small markings on the rifle. The stock has a rack mark on the left side.

Barrel Length: Approximately 25 ½ inches to the end of the muzzle break.

Sights / Optics: The front sight is hooded post set atop a raised base. The rear sight is a “U” notched blade attached to a sliding escalator assembly. It is marked with Arabic “numbers”.

Stock Configuration & Condition: This rifle has a 2 piece full length wood stock with a steel buttplate, steel forend band, and steel end cap with bayonet lug. This stock has a semi pistol grip and straight comb. The stock has scratches, and a heavy amount of pressure dents. There is a decent sized gouge on the right side of the buttstock. The metal parts show patina and pitting. Overall this stock is in Good condition. The stock rates in about Very Good overall condition for a C&R rifle.

Type of Finish: Blue

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition: This bore is in immaculate condition, It shows no wear, the bore is very bright and the rifling is sharp. In this writer’s opinion, the bore rates a 10/10

Overall Condition: This rifle retains about 90% of its metal finish. The metal shows scrapes, scratches and areas of light discoloration from oxidation. An area of the top cover has had its finish touched up. The screw heads show light use. Most of the markings are deep; the small markings are faded. The new serial number is lightly etched on to the receiver. Overall, this rifle rates in about Very Good Plus condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We did not fire this rifle. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: The rifle comes with a 10-round magazine. It shows scratches, thinning and a freckling of discoloration from oxidation. The bottom also has heavy finish wear. It is in Good condition.This rifle also comes with a leather sling.

Our Assessment: The Egyptian Hakim Rifle, designated M42, was developed in the 1940s to modernize Egypt’s armed forces, heavily influenced by the Swedish AG-42 Ljungman rifle. Chambered in 8mm Mauser and featuring a gas-operated, tilting bolt mechanism, it was produced from the early 1950s to the mid-1960s at the Maadi Factory in Egypt. With a 10-round detachable box magazine and a muzzle brake to mitigate recoil, it served as the standard-issue rifle for Egyptian military and police forces for decades, seeing action in conflicts like the Suez Crisis and Arab-Israeli wars. Despite praise for its firepower and reliability, the Hakim eventually faced challenges with fouling sensitivity and recoil control, leading to its replacement. Today, it remains sought after by collectors for its historical significance and unique design.

This particular rifle may look like a standard example of a Hakim from the outside, however the bore of this rifle looks to be almost unused. If you’re looking for not just a great collectors rifle, but an amazing shooter that will be as accurate as the day it was made, this is the rifle for you! -R.E.

Excellent Condition Bore, Egyptian M42 Hakim in 8mm Mauser C&R
Excellent Condition Bore, Egyptian M42 Hakim in 8mm Mauser C&R