Smith and Wesson Model of 91 Single Shot First model Target 8 inch 32 cal

SOLD FOR: $832

WOA#: WY240318RU076

Make:  Smith and Wesson

Model: Model of 91 First Model

Serial Number:  17508

Year of Manufacture: 1893-1905 (1897)

Caliber: .32 S&W cal 8 inch barrel

Action Type:  Single shot, single action

Markings:  the top of the ribbed barrel is marked “Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass USA” “MODEL OF 91” PAT APR 20. 73 FEB 20. & DEC 18.77. MAY 11. 80”. On the right side of the frame we find our iconic serifed “SW” stamp. On either side of our hard rubber grips we see the same encircled “SW” mark molded into the grips above the “PATD 30.92” . The front of the grip frame is marked “17508” the rear of the ejector is marked with the matching serial and also the inside of the locking latch.

Barrel Length: The 32 S&W cal. barrel measures 8 inches

Sights / Optics: The front sight of the 32 S&W cal. 8 inch Barrel is a fine flared Paine Target blade. It is pinned and recessed to the tip of the rib, it is original to the pistol. The rear sight is also original to the pistol. Two flats of the notch rear sight offer a wide field of view for such a fine front blade.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are original to the piece. There is almost zero wear! The grips rate in about 98% overall condition. There are tiny scratches visible and grip.These target stocks are in very good condition.

Magazine Quantity & Condition: No Magazine this is a single shot

Type of Finish: Blue Steel, Case hardened hammer, trigger and trigger guard. Hard Rubber Diamond Target Stocks

Finish Originality: original

Bore Condition: The bores are still showing original machine marking and the rifling is strong. There is some light visible erosion in the bore. There is some stubborn fouling in the rifling. 8/10

Overall Condition: This handgun retains 87%. of the original finish. There is a good bit of thinning  of finish near the muzzle.  The finish on the side plate leaves a lot to be desired . It shows someone has made access over the years. It has four punch marks and a good bit of corrosionThis is my least favorite section of the gun.The screw heads are sharp and smooth. The grip screws show some marks but are in fine condition. The markings are strong. Overall, this handgun rates in about very good condition for being over 100 years old. In this writer’s opinion.

Mechanics: The action functions flawlessly. It ejects and locks up great. We did not fire this handgun. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: none

Our Assessment: First Model Single Shot Model of 1891’s was made in multiple calibers, 22LR,  32SW, and .38 SW, in 6”,8” or 10” Barrel; top-break action. Single Shot pistol made on a revolver type frame, with recoil shield left intact; black hard rubber extension grips standard, smooth or checkered walnut and ivory also available. The front sight is a Paine Target Blade pinned in the barrel rib; rear target sights mounted in the barrel latch are adjustable for windage and elevation. Blue or nickel finish. Also sold as combination sets as the .38 SA 3rd Model revolver with accessory single shot barrels (approximately 92 sets made) usually in a presentation case. Serial number located on the front strap of the grip with matching number on the latch and barrel. Serial number range 1-28107 in the .38 Single action 3rd Model series.

Manufactured c.1893-1905 (Known quantities, although more may have been manufactured: 862 in .22lr, 229 in.32 sw,160 in .38sw) exact quantities uncertain, with more 38SA 3rd models, combination sets, ans .38 SA Mexican Models sharing this serial number range.

This is an extremely rare variation in the  first model Single Shot Series. THis 8 inch is one of 229 guns ever produced in this caliber. The numbers match and the rarity level is at a 5 on this one. There is an impressive amount of bluing still left on this pistol. The side plate shows some age. But once again there are not a lot of theses out there and were not alot to begin with.

Buy this gun. This pistol’s accuracy leaves me wanting to go to the range. The styling makes me want to hang it on the wall and just stare at it. I would love to own this gun just for the bragging rights. This firearm screams to me its historic past. The First Model single shot model of 91 (1891) is great on all aspects of the gun world. They are accurate, sexy, historic and quite collectable. No Smith collection is complete without one. Take a closer look at this one it may be just what you need to scratch that itch. Please see our photos and look carefully. Good luck and enjoy the auction.-K. F.

Smith and Wesson Model of 91 Single Shot First model Target 8 inch 32 cal
Smith and Wesson Model of 91 Single Shot First model Target 8 inch 32 cal