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About Us

Wyoming Outpost Auctions is the local affiliate to Lock, Stock and Barrel Investments, Inc. Specializing in the acquisition and disposition of firearms, firearm paraphernalia, reloading equipment and military/war memorabilia. We acquire items of any vintage, and any condition, from individuals and estates nationwide. We will consign or purchase single items or entire collections.

Our History

Wyoming Outpost Auctions Inc. was started by Spencer Hoglund, owner of Lock Stock and Barrel, a noted firearms collector, researcher, and a World Champion Cowboy Shooter. Spencer realized gun owners were in need of an honest and reliable destination for selling their guns and related items.

Class 3 NFA Firearms Dealer

WYOA, operating as a Class 3 NFA Firearms Dealer, is authorized to sell and transfer National Firearms Act (NFA) regulated firearms and accessories. This designation places WYOA in a specialized category within the firearms industry. This allows us to handle items such as short-barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors, and machine guns, subject to strict federal regulations and oversight.

Browning Brothers Gunshop

The WYOA Difference

  • Flat Commission

    There are no hidden fees, ever. You will see every detail of the transaction from beginning to end. With No Buyer’s Premium.

  • We Sell Without A Buyer’s Premium

    We strive to deliver the most money possible to our sellers and deliver quality merchandise without added fees to our buyers.

  • Guaranteed Sales Dates & Payment Dates

    You will know when your items are going to auction, and when you can expect your proceeds.

  • Timely Auctions

    ​Over 3 million page visitors will have the opportunity to see your merchandise. We ensure that you maximize this exposure with 14-day auctions.

  • Photography & Descriptions

    Your items will be marketed with world class image quality, quantity, and highly detailed descriptions of each aspect of your items.

  • Online Auction Presence

    Buyers can bid anytime/anywhere, and sellers can monitor their items in real time.

  • Our Descriptions Are Very Detailed

    We highlight every aspect of our items – good or bad, we encourage you to compare our descriptions with any of our competitors to see the Wyoming Outpost Auctions difference.