We Take Care Of All The Work

Our Goal

At Wyoming Outpost Auctions, we turn your firearms and collectibles into cash. Our goal is to provide you the most money possible for your items, while aiming for the highest overall customer satisfaction. We want this process to remain stress-free and painless for you. We take care of all the work, the online marketing, and the legal compliance; all you need to do is contact us to schedule a pickup or drop off of your collection, and await your proceeds.

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We Handle

WYOA will handle all aspects of a transaction, including all transportation costs, transfers and payments.

How It Works

Step 1

Acquire & Appraise

The Process begins with you contacting us to schedule a dropoff of the merchandise, or a pickup at your location. We will provide you an auction appraisal based on recent sales of similar items. Once you have had an opportunity to review the market value of your items, you will have the option to either sell your items directly to us, or consign them into one of our auctions.

Step 2

Research & Photograph

Once the guns are reviewed, they are handed off to our research and descriptions staff and then on to our photography department. We have a full team of writers using extensive libraries of data, we will carefully identify and describe your guns, pointing out any and all details about your gun and its history. After the descriptions, the guns will go to our photo studio for a full set of high quality images.

Step 3

Post For Auction

Now that your guns have been described and photographed, the guns will be posted to the auction block on the date that we committed to you when we originally took possession. These auctions will run for 14 days, where they can be viewed by over 3 Million monthly site visitors, as well as the direct marketing to our network of tens of thousands of WYOA repeat buyers. Our process ensures that online search engines will locate your auction listings and direct online buyers to the available auctions.

Step 4

You Get Paid

30 days after auctions close, your proceeds will be ready. Based on your individual preference, your funds will be disbursed to you and your final paperwork will be provided.

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