Cold War Era Albanian SKS 7.62×39 20.25” Semi-Auto Rifle C&R 1969

SOLD FOR: $1,125

WOA#: WY240120RR014

Make: Albania

Model:  SKS

Serial Number: 03139-69

Year of Manufacture: 1969

Caliber: 7.62×39

Action Type: Semi-Automatic

Markings:  The left side of the receiver is marked “03139-69”.  The top of the bolt is marked “03139”.  The bottom of the magazine is marked “03139”.  The left side of the buttstock is marked “03139”.  The rear of the receiver is marked “03139”.  The bottom of the trigger guard The rear sight is marked “1-10” and “D” for the battle position.  The bottom of the barrel is marked “SKS GRAMSH ALBANIA 7.62X39 TG KNOX, TN”.

Barrel Length:  20.25”.

Sights / Optics:  The front sight is an adjustable hooded post and the rear sight is a “U” notched sliding sight escalator marked from “1 – 10” and “D” for the battle position.

Stock Configuration & Condition:  The stock is an Albanian profile wood stock with correct upper handguard, finger grooves, buttplate with two trap doors for cleaning kit and oiler (not included), sling ring on the left side of the buttstock, and another ring on the left side of the gas block.  The gas piston tube has its correct 3 vent holes on each side along with the handguard having its 3 vent ports in its elongated and enlarged profile.  The bottom of the forend has a correct cutout for its spring spike bayonet.  The bayonet is the correct length.  All parts of this rifle are correct and matching in serial number, including the stock. The charging handle is similar to an AK and not the typical knurled knob of every other SKS variant. The charging handle is correct for an Albanian SKS.   The LOP measures 12.75” from the front of the trigger to the back of the buttplate. The stock rates in about Very Good overall condition. There are no chips or cracks.  There are some scratches and scuffs along with a few heavy scrapes.

Magazine Quantity & Condition: Comes with its matching 10 round hinged magazine.

Type of Finish:  Blued

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is well defined. There is no erosion in the bore. There is fouling in the grooves. In this writer’s opinion the bore rates 8/10.

Overall Condition:  This rifle retains about 85% of its metal finish. The balance of the finish shows some thinning on the receiver but most of the finish overall is intact. The screw heads are sharp and any pins are serviceable. The markings are clear. There are some scratches and scuffs and the receiver, top cover, barrel, and the bottom metal. There is some spotted oxidation on the bolt and receiver as well as some of the other metal parts.  Overall, this C&R rifle rates in about Very Good condition.  Please see photos for a better understanding of this rifle’s condition.

Mechanics:  The action functions correctly. We did not fire this rifle. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: None.

Our Assessment:  The Albanian SKS, a variant of the Soviet-designed SKS rifle, represents a unique adaptation in the realm of military firearms. Produced during a period of intense geopolitical tensions, this rifle incorporates distinctive design elements that reflect both its Soviet heritage and specific Albanian modifications. Distinguished by its extended handguard with three ventilation holes, the Albanian SKS is visually distinct from other models in the SKS series.

The historical significance of the Albanian SKS is heightened by its rarity. In the aftermath of the Cold War, a substantial number of these rifles were decommissioned and destroyed under United Nations disarmament initiatives, significantly reducing their number. As a result, the Albanian SKS rifles that survived and subsequently entered the United States constitute a rare segment of military surplus firearms. Their limited availability, combined with their distinct design characteristics, renders them highly valued as collectible items and as tangible remnants of a specific epoch in military history.

In conclusion, the Albanian SKS transcends its role as a mere variant of a widespread military firearm. It stands as an important artifact, encapsulating a specific moment in the history of military armament and geopolitical relations. For collectors and historical enthusiasts, the Albanian SKS offers not only rarity but also a profound connection to the historical narrative of the Cold War era, making it a significant and valued piece in any collection of military firearms.  Please see our photos and good luck on your bid! -L.S.

Cold War Era Albanian SKS 7.62x39 20.25” Semi-Auto Rifle C&R 1969
Cold War Era Albanian SKS 7.62×39 20.25” Semi-Auto Rifle C&R 1969