Police Mauser C96 C-96 M1916 Red 9 Broomhandle 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol C&R

SOLD FOR: $2,900

WOA#: WY231114JP013

Make: Mauser

Model: 1896 9mm Military Contract “Red Nine”, Police Re-Work

Serial Number: 130448 (The serial number range for this model was from 1 to about 141000.)

Year of Manufacture: Ca. 1916-1918

Caliber: 9mm Parabellum

Action Type: Single Action Semi–Auto with Internal Magazine

Markings: The top of the barrel chamber is marked “WAFFENFABRIK / MAUSER / OBERNDORF A/N”, the left shoulder with “130448”, the left side with a double crowned “U”. The top rear of the bolt is marked with “0448” with a double crowned “U” and the top of the bolt stop is marked “0448”. The right side of the frame is marked “WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER / OBERNDORF A. NECKAR”. The rear face of the frame is marked with “130448”.  The rear of the lock frame is marked “130448”. The action block is marked “448”. The sear is marked “448”. The top of the magazine floorplate is marked “0448”. The trigger is marked “448”.   The front strap is marked “S.F.1. 3.192.” (Schutzpolizei, Frankfurt an der Oder 1st Precinct) and what is possibly a badge number.

Barrel Length: 3.75” Approximate

Sights / Optics:  The front sight is a blade integral to a rectangular base fixed to the barrel. The original rear sight was removed in the re-work, replaced with a fixed “V”-notch in-line dovetailed to the top-rear of the barrel extension.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The grips are two-piece walnut with 23 grooves and a large “9” burnt into both grips. The “9s” are well formed and appear to be done at the factory. References show that the grip grooves changed from fine (32) to coarse (23) through production.  The grips have minor handling wear with a few light nicks and scratches. The serrations are well defined. There are no chips or cracks. The grips are in Good overall condition.

Type of Finish: Blued, some small parts are Fire-Blued and some are In The White.

Finish Originality: Original, possibly refurbished when issued for the Schutzpolizei.  All parts are matching except for the hammer which is a solid hammer.

Bore Condition: The rifling is sharp. There is minor pitting/erosion spread throughout with some more notable corrosion spread near evenly down its length.  In this writer’s opinion, the bore rates 6.5 out of 10 for a C&R.

Many military and C&R-eligible weapons have bores that will show erosion.  This is not only due to age but to the fact that corrosive primers were commonly used in ammunition worldwide.  For example, the U.S. used corrosive ammunition throughout WWII.  The U.S. military did not begin to phase out corrosive primed ammunition until the 1950s.

Overall Condition: This pistol retains about 60% of its metal finish. The balance of the finish shows oxidation and corrosion freckled throughout.  There is some minor pinprick pitting around the chamber and parts of the frame. The charging handle and hammer have some prominent rusting throughout.  There are some scattered light nicks and scratches.  The action shows operational wear. The grip screw is tool marked with a strong slot. The markings are clear. Overall, this pistol rates in Very Good condition for C&R condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The rear of the frame is slotted for a shoulder stock and the bottom of the grip has a boss for a lanyard ring, with a lanyard ring installed. The barrel extension is tight to the frame. We did not fire this pistol. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: This pistol comes with a C96 manual, 2 safeties, a firing pin spring, and 6 stripper clips, and cleaning rod.

Our Assessment:  The Broomhandle Model 1896 Mauser is certainly an interesting looking firearm, and the “Red Nine” variants are the most distinctive of any pistol made. During WWI Mauser had two contracts with the military, the first for 7.63mm pistols and the second for 9mm pistols. It soon became apparent that two nearly identical guns with dissimilar ammo was not a good idea. In December 1917, a decision was made to burn a large “9” into the grips and fill them in red paint, with those already issued to be similarly marked in the field. This pistol is a 9mm Military Contract.  As part of compliance with the treaty restrictions, the barrel was shortened to 100mm. The rear sight was also replaced with a fixed notch. We have not been able to determine if the rear sight was replaced as part of compliance with the Treaty or if police simply weren’t expected to need to use their sidearm to shoot anything 500 meters away. While the treaty strictly limited arms production, the Germans did refurbish and update those arms they were permitted to have in service. This example was issued to the Schutzpolizei of Frankfurt an der Oder 1st Precinct. All serialized parts match save the hammer which was likely replaced when issued or shortly after.   In Very Good condition, this pistol has about 60% of its original metal finish, a decent bore and strong mechanics. This is an uncommon and historically significant pistol that is sure to be of interest to serious collectors.   Please see our photos and good luck on your bid! -L.S.

Police Mauser C96 C-96 M1916 Red 9 Broomhandle 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol C&R
Police Mauser C96 C-96 M1916 Red 9 Broomhandle 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol C&R