Pre-Ban Colt SP1 AR-15 .223 20” Semi-Auto Rifle Carbine SP-1 M16 Retro

SOLD FOR: $1676

WOA#: WY230112OL003

Our Assessment: The Colt AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle based on the M16 rifle developed for the United States military. The M16 rifle was first introduced in the Vietnam War and became the standard infantry rifle for the U.S. military. The Colt AR-15 was first introduced in 1963 and was primarily marketed to civilians and law enforcement.

The original Colt AR-15 was referred to as the SP1 (Sport Model 1), which was a semi-automatic version of the M16. The SP1 was made available to the public and became popular due to its lightweight design, accuracy, and versatility. Over time, various improvements and modifications have been made to the AR-15, but the basic design remains largely unchanged.

This Pre-Ban rifle, with an A1 triangle forearm and solid A1 features, is as close to experiencing the M16 as you can get without actually owning one.  You can give this Vietnam era arm the 21st-century treatment at the range or keep it as a show-and-tell piece. Make this retro and time tested rifle your new safe queen or favorite range toy.  Either way, ya gotta bid on it first!

Make: Colt

Model: Pre-ban SP1 AR-15

Serial Number: SP61168

Year of Manufacture: Pre-1989 1977-1978

Caliber: .223

Action Type: Semi-Automatic

Markings: Left side of the receiver is marked with the rampant Colt logo with “COLT AR-15 CAL .223 MODEL SP1 SER. SP61168”. Receiver behind the bolt catch marked “COLT’S FIREARMS DIVISION COLT INDUSTRIES HARTFORD, CONN. U.S.A. MFG.CO.” with “SAFE” and “FIRE” marked near the safety selector. Top of barrel marked “CMP CHROME BORE” and the magazine is marked on the bottom with Colt’s logo and “CAL. 5.56MM COLT’S MFG. CO. INC. HARTFORD, CONN, U.S.A.”  The left side of the magazine is marked with Colt’s manufacture date code and the bottom of the same side has “W33” scratched into the aluminum.  The right side of the carry handle is marked, “C K”.

Barrel Length: 20”. 21” with A1 Birdcage muzzle device

Sights / Optics:  The front sight is an A1 post iron sight and the rear sight is A1 Type L-type flip aperture.

Stock Configuration & Condition:  The stock is synthetic with a A1 style triangle handguard and A1 buttstock with A1 pistol grip with lanyard loop. The LOP measures 12.75” from the front of the trigger to the back of the buttstock. The stock rates in about Good overall condition.  The rifle is covered in a green paint or vinyl that is peeling in various degrees throughout. The handguard has scrapes, scratches, and discoloration throughout with some specs of the vinyl remaining.  There are no chips or cracks.

Magazine Quantity and Condition:  One Original Colt 20d Aluminum Magazine.

Type of Finish: Anodized Gray

Finish Originality: Original covered by vinyl

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is semi-sharp. There is no visible erosion in the bore.

Overall Condition:  It’s hard to say how much of the original finish remains but looking through the painted finish, this rifle retains 90%+ of its metal finish. The balance of the finish shows wear on the mag well, magazine release, and top of the front sights. The paint over the serial number has been scratched off to reveal the serial number.   The screw heads are sharp. The markings are clear. Overall, this rifle rates in about Very Good condition, but will need some careful work to remove the paint.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We did not fire this rifle. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: Total of one magazine and Colt Original Sling (Unopened).  Please see photos

Pre-Ban Colt SP1 AR-15 .223 20” Semi-Auto Rifle Carbine SP-1 M16 Retro
Pre-Ban Colt SP1 AR-15 .223 20” Semi-Auto Rifle Carbine SP-1 M16 Retro