Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector 2nd Model .44 Spl 6.5? DA/SA Revolver C&R

SOLD FOR: $906

WOA#: WY230512DK010

Make: Smith & Wesson

Model: .44 Hand Ejector 2nd Model, 5-Screw, Square Butt N-Frame

Serial Number: 31113

Year of Manufacture: 1927-1935 Approximate

Caliber: .44 Special

Action Type: 6-Shot, Double Action / Single Action, Swing-Out, Fluted Cylinder Revolver

Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “SMITH & WESSON”, the top is marked “SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD, MASS. U.S.A. / PATENTED DEC. 17.1901. FEB. 6. 1906. SEP. 14. 1909”, the right is marked “44 S.&W. SPECIAL CTG”, flanked by crosses. The butt of the grip frame, barrel flat, rear of the cylinder, rear flat of the yoke, and ejector star are marked with the serial number with the barrel flat marking preceded by “B”.  The left of the frame has the S&W monogram logo. There are inspection marks on the sides of the grip frame “P B 8 1”.  The right side of the frame is marked “MADE IN U.S.A.”.

Barrel Length: 6.5”, Pinned, with un-shrouded ejector rod.

Sights / Optics: The front sight is a rounded half-moon blade with a rectangular base, integral to the barrel. The rear sight is a “U” notch on the frame’s top strap.

Stock Configuration & Condition:  The grips are checkered walnut.  There are some scattered little compressions and draglines, most noticeable on the bottom faces. There is a larger compression mark on the front of the left grip. The checkering is strong. There are no chips or cracks. Overall, the grips are in about Fine condition.

Type of Finish: Blued

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp. There is no erosion in the bore.

Overall Condition: This handgun retains about 90% of its metal finish. There are scattered spots of oxidation and frost. There are some small spots of finish loss from previous oxidation, most noticeable on the barrel. There are some little nicks and a few small hairline scratches. There is some thinning and finish loss on some of the edges. There are a few little areas of finish loss, most noticeable on the topstrap rear sight. There is a turn line through the finish on the cylinder. The screw heads show light use. The markings are clear. Overall, this handgun rates in about Very Good condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. The cylinder produces light side to side movement. The double action trigger pull is smooth, the single action is crisp. We did not fire this handgun. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance standards.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: None.

Our Assessment: The Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector Second Model is a classic revolver that holds a special place in firearms history. This particular model chambered in .44 Special is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

The 5-screw designation refers to the number of screws present in the revolver’s construction. These screws secure various components such as the sideplate, trigger guard, and grip frame. The presence of five screws is indicative of the revolver’s early production period, as later models would feature fewer screws due to design changes and manufacturing streamlining.

Chambered in .44 Special, this revolver offers a powerful and versatile cartridge. The .44 Special is known for its moderate recoil, making it comfortable to shoot while still providing sufficient stopping power. It has a reputation for accuracy and remains a favorite among revolver aficionados.

The Hand Ejector Second Model features Smith & Wesson’s solid craftsmanship and attention to detail. It has a timeless revolver design, characterized by a robust frame, a smooth double-action/single-action trigger, and a traditional cylinder that holds six rounds of ammunition. The revolver offers a comfortable grip and a reliable manual of arms, making it a pleasure to shoot.

The Hand Ejector Second Model’s barrel length can vary, but commonly found options include 4-inch and 6.5-inch configurations. The 6.5” longer barrel length enhances accuracy and velocity, making them favored choices for target shooting and hunting.

The Hand Ejector revolvers were among the first to incorporate a swing-out cylinder, allowing for faster reloading compared to the earlier top-break or side load designs. This innovation revolutionized the revolver market and became the standard for modern revolvers.

The Hand Ejector Second Model, chambered in .44 Special, was popular among law enforcement officers, target shooters, and even some military personnel. Its powerful yet manageable caliber made it suitable for various applications, including self-defense, target shooting, and even hunting small to medium-sized game.

Today, these revolvers are highly sought after by collectors, historians, and firearm enthusiasts who appreciate the historical significance and craftsmanship of these early Smith & Wesson handguns as they had a key role to play in World War and American History.

Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector 2nd Model .44 Spl 6.5? DA/SA Revolver C&R
Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector 2nd Model .44 Spl 6.5? DA/SA Revolver C&R