Very Rare Pre Ban Cobray RPB Industries M10 SAP Open Bolt Pistol MAC 10

SOLD FOR: $1700

WOA#: WY230330JS004


Model: SAP M10

Serial Number: 81-0008754

Year of Manufacture:  1981

Caliber: 9mm

Action Type: Semi-Automatic, Blowback, Open Bolt (Bolt Closes on Trigger Pull)

Markings:  The right side is marked, “SAP M10. CAL 9MM PAR / RPB INDUSTRIES. INC. / ATLANTA, GA. U.S.A.”, “SAFE FIRE”,  “81-0008754”.

Barrel Length: 5.75” proprietary threaded blued barrel.  15.5” with removable flash hider/faux suppressor.

Sights / Optics: Iron sights. The front sight is a fixed post made of a bent metal wire. The rear sight is a fixed pinhole sight.

Stock Configuration & Condition: The receiver and frame are blued steel receiver and has a polymer grip attached to the back of the magwell.  Comes with barrel faux suppressor/flash hider.  The polymer grip is pretty clean of any scratches or handling wear.

Magazine Quantity & Condition: None.

Type of Finish: Blued

Finish Originality: Original

Bore Condition: The bore is bright and the rifling is mostly sharp. There is no erosion in the bore.

Overall Condition: This pistol retains about 70% of its blued finish. The markings are crisp. There is some spotted corrosion throughout as well as some scratches on the frame and receiver. Please see photos for a better understanding of the condition.  Overall, this Pre Ban Open Bolt pistol rates in about Good condition.

Mechanics: The action functions correctly. We did not fire this handgun. As with all used firearms, a thorough cleaning may be necessary to meet your maintenance requirements.

Box, Paperwork & Accessories: This pistol comes with its original faux suppressor as well as a wire buttstock.  The pistol has been made to not receive the buttstock to meet ATF regulations on short barreled rifles.  The stock and faux suppressor rate in Fine condition.

Our Assessment: The RPB SAP M10 Open Bolt Pistol was a semi-automatic version of the M10 submachine gun, which was designed by Gordon Ingram in 1964. The M10 was produced by Military Armaments Corporation and was available in 9mm and .45 ACP, and a smaller version called the M11 in .380 ACP.  The M10 was notable for its low cost of production, high rate of fire, and small size. RPB Industries later bought up the assets of Military Armament Corporation and resumed production under the RPB banner.

The RPB SAP M10 Open Bolt Pistol was submitted to the BATF for approval in 1978, and was approved as a semi-automatic handgun. Despite its low price and aggressive marketing, the gun did not gain wide acceptance among legitimate buyers.  However, it became a popular weapon among criminals, particularly in the drug wars of South Florida in the early 1980s.

During this period, criminals would buy the semi-automatic version of the M10 SAP and then modify it to fire in full-auto, making it a highly sought-after weapon for criminal gangs. Law enforcement officials seized around 200 M10 SAPs during criminal investigations, and the use of automatic weapons was relatively rare among American criminals. The M10 SAP was one of the most popular illegal machine guns of the era.

There were a few others, but this one made up the lion’s share of the open-bolt semi-auto pool. Despite a valiant struggle and a court case lost, the 1982 reclassification shut off much of RPB’s sales, and the company folded.  Claim this Rare Gem of firearms history today that has been grandfathered in.  Because it is a pre 1982 production it is fully legal to sell as Open Bolt.  Anything after 1982 is illegal so we are lucky here!  Please see details below and Good Luck!!!

Very Rare Pre Ban Cobray RPB Industries M10 SAP Open Bolt Pistol MAC 10
Very Rare Pre Ban Cobray RPB Industries M10 SAP Open Bolt Pistol MAC 10